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Is it me or is identica having issues?

What shall I find for my #twitterliferaft now

Fuck you, Sizemore!: Soft launch*


While I was half-remembering the joy of copying other people’s posts (Hello Amy!) I forgot the safety was off and let Twitter have about half a barrel.


So yeah this will be a place for me dumping old Instagram stuff and maybe sharing some of the crap I currently squirrel away on Pinboard….

Sugarsync, 5GB FREE Storage

With SugarSync, you get 5GB of free storage to backup, sync, and share your music, photos, documents, and more. SugarSync also lets you access all of your data right from your mobile phone.

Click the link below to join SugarSync. When you join, you and I will each get an extra 500MB of bonus storage!


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Thanks to @dblackanese I now have my #warehouse13 teefury top

Since trialling Netflix on their 30 day freebie I have become a massive warehouse 13 fan. So much so that when the writer/co producer Deric A. Hughes (@dblackanese) posted a link for a limited edition T-shirt through teefury I jumped at the chance.

After two weeks it has arrived



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Honey & Lemon – quite a funny read

I have just about shed the final grips of my sore throat, whiles in the deepest sleepless nights I thought about old remedies, so searched Honey and Lemon.

This had to be the funniest comment.


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I’ve moved!

due to the upcoming migration from posterous to twiterous I have decided to move my blog, its location is now here

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GOING DARK – an indiegogo crowdsource funded movie

Going Dark is a new sci-fi movie that is being made by crowd sourcing through indiegogo.


Going Dark” is set in “Lidenbrock’s Pride” , a state of the art research station located on a toxic moon. Every 18 months the station is cut off from it’s only power source, solar energy. The station must preserve power and someone must stay behind to supervise. This is called the dark shift and Lucas Greaves has drawn the short straw. The last thing Lucas is expecting, is someone knocking on the door.

please help and pledge some money, let’s keep British Making alive.

If your viewing this on a mobile you can view the video they uploaded here

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Moving blogs from Posterous to WordPress

Moving your blog from Posterous couldn’t be easier. infact they have a built in tool for it, this tool will do more than posterous, it does most of them. This will include any attachments and comments that have been posted.

The thing to do first is create an account in WordPress, then click tools down the left side of your dashboard, choosing import will show you the list, clicking posterous and then add your details and click submit. remember to check the url of the blog if you have more than one, and your user name is the email address you sign in with. This may take some time if it is a big blog, mine was 167 posts and took about 20 minutes.


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Camera+ & WordPress


I’ve never used the instant photo post option on WordPress. But I will now seeing that camera+ is supported.

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Linccoln v. Zombies

Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies

check out more titles you might never see here

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